What is "exploration based" art?

Exploration based art approach is centered on Reggio Emilia, a pedagogy based out of Italy, and best practices from art and play therapy, early childhood development and contemporary art studies. We use various materials to engage children in integrating and inspiring their senses, surroundings and emotions through the use of materials.  Using a variety of materials, from natural wood to light and water, allows each child to be met where they feel comfortable and to give them support in their growth as a curious learner from there.

What ages do you teach?

We offer exploration based classes for children ages 18mnths to 5-years-old. Right now, we only offer private classes for older children.

What should my child wear to the studio?

Please send your child to the studio in clothes that allow them to feel free to get messy and play. Allowing them to explore without fear of their clothes getting dirty is a very important part of the process. However you can support them in feeling free to be in the studio is what we want! We do offer smocks at the studio but have no guarantees they will remain on or cover the child's clothes :)

I'm at your address, but only see music together? Where is the art studio??

You are at the right place! We share a space with the long-standing music together program. Our director Kelly Wiley, runs both programs. The art studio is in the back half of the overall studio space, walk on through the space and you will see the door to our magical space in the back!

We want to try out your program before we commit to a full session, do you do drop-ins?

We don't do drop-in classes, however we do allow each child curious about the space to do one demo class! Call us or email to set up the best class for you to demo.

My child isn't potty-trained, is that a problem?

Absolutely not! You don't need to be potty-trained to enjoy our studio process. We ask that if your child is not potty-trained that you provide a change of clothes or diaper in case any accidents do arise.

Why doesn't my child bring home a lot of 'art projects' that we can hang on the wall??

We know it's hard! We love your child's artwork as much as you do. As a process-oriented studio, we focus on the process not the product of your child's art. We do this in order to be able to support and encourage the entire child, both internally and externally. Focusing on the product, often neglects the skills your child actually wants to explore and can't always authentically help us assess and support their developmental needs. However, to be sure you can see all the hard work, our dedicated teachers send documentation, in the form of photographs or videos, to our families in order to show what we have captured of your child's art process during the studio time!